Slab mills grinding

HARO Technologies SPRL is an experimented specialist in the construction of machines for grinding Slabmills, weighting up to 2500 kg, measuring up to 2600 mm and this, with up to 30 degree of wheel inclination in order to grind any helical or non-helical type of tooth.

HARO technologies' MAGNUS has been developed to Grind such big tools. The HARO MAGNUS which is synonymous to worldwide excellence has been successfully delivered to customers in France, Germany, the USA, Canada, China, Holland, Italy, Romania, Turkey,...Your HARO local agent can send you a detailed list of our client and references on demand.

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Flexibility, Ease of Use, Price/performance, High Precision, Robustness, Reliability are the keywords that laid the foundation of the HARO product family

Haro Magnus