Hob grinding

As Gear generation is a quite aggressive technique do Hobs suffer great wear on the job. Therefore frequent grinding/re-sharpening is mandatory in order to keep up the tool in line with high precision standards.

HARO machines allow users to grind hobs of all size, module and type with great precision (up to AAA class), reliability and speed. Haro Hob grinders have moreover the best price/performance ratio on the market.

  • The BASELINE N machines allow one to grind or sharpen tools up to a job to tail stock distance of 640 mm. with a maximal diameter of 300 mm and a maximum weight of 100 kg(hob and its supporting device).
  • The STARLINE machines are built in order to grind tools up to a job to tail stock length of 820 mm and can sharpen tools up to a weight of 250 or 500 kg, depending on the machine-loading equipment.
  • The STARLINE TOP machines are an extension of the STARLINE family and has been created in order to reach the highest grinding quality (AAA class) by equipping each axis with a Heidenhain scale. Furthermore, the structural features of the STARLINE TOP series are allowing us to prepare those machines for the grinding of gears or for sharpening tools which are unusually great in size or/and weight(modules >30-40, 995 mm between job and tail stock).

Many grinding specialists and industrial manufacturers stand among our clients and references as RENAULT, SAAZOR, REMAS, ZF, TOP TOOLS, LEITZ, CTMS, CTS COLONA CESARI,...
Your local HARO agent can transmit you a detailed list on demand.

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Flexibility, Ease of Use, Price/performance, High Precision, Robustness, Reliability are the keywords that laid the foundation of the HARO product family.

Starline 400 :

Baseline 550N grinding hobs :

Starline Top 1000 grinding hobs :