Haro Starline Top

Haro Starline Top 1000

The Starline Top has been developed as a world class CNC grinder to be used either for grinding/sharpening as for intensively producing very high precision tools.

The Haro Starline Top was first designed for making/sharpening straight and helical fluted hobs. Further implementations allow a perfect sharpening of pinion or gear tools as Fellow, Lorenz, Gleason tools, shaving cutters,… Recent enhancements introduced the ability of grinding gears with very high precision (actually achieving a Class 4 quality level).

The Haro Starline Top is made of 2 models named 700 and 1000 for different lengths of the longitudinal X-axis.

The quality of this product range is based on:

  • the mechanical stability due to the large and solid machine bed made of a narrow structure cast iron (same basis as the Slabline);
  • all linear axis as the rotational encoder being equipped with Heidenhain glass scale(quality 3µm).
  • a sophisticated software toolbox developed on the SINUMERIK 840DSL automation technology. 5 axes X-Y-Z-A-C and 3D interpolations are managed by this powerful program.

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Click here to download the brochure of this product in PDF