Haro Magnus

Haro Magnus

The Haro Magnus is a range of grinders capable of grinding very large tools as slab mills. Oversized tools both in dimension as in weight can be totally or partially grinded on this machine with accuracy that can exceed industry standards.

Featuring 1100 to 3200 mm longitudinal strokes, the Haro Magnus can manage 4 to 5 axis and is implementing the KAPP technology: a unique point of grinding is served by one wheel addressing all angles while only the work piece is moved across the grinding area.

Changing heavy tools is optimized by a special positioning system with sensitive fingers assisting the operator in piece manipulation.

The mechanical stability is ensured by the large and solid machine bed made of a narrow structure cast iron. The frame design eliminates vibrations and integrates a path for cooling liquids.

The Magnus is a unique and unsurpassed grinder in both accuracy and capability of processing oversized tools.

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