Broaches grinding

HARO Technologies SPRL is a specialist in the manufacturing of broach-grinding machines. HARO Technologies allows you to grind broaches, wobble broaches and all other types of broaches thanks to the continual R&D and improvement work made by our engineers are doing in cooperation with broach producers. This resulted in the creation of a machine line entirely dedicated to broaching: THE BROACHLINE.

Many grinding and broaching specialists stand among our clients and references as RENAULT, PEUGEOT, PORSCHE, FORD, SMV, GIAT, GENERAL MOTORS, FIAT, KLEIN TOOLS, DEAWOO, HANJIANG TOOLS, JAGUAR,... Your local HARO agent can transmit you a detailed list on demand.

Flexibility, Ease of Use, Price/performance, High Precision, Robustness, Reliability are the keywords that laid the foundation of the HARO product family.

Flat and wobbled broaches during their grinding process on a Haro Broachline:

Rack and wobbled broaches grinded on a Haro Broachline: